vChips is a personal blog about Virtualisation and End User Computing. The posts are primarily VMware related, and are based on real experiences of mine, Jason Yeo. This blog is a spin off from my original blog, from Chips to Chips, and is focused on my professional experiences. I hope to share my experiences and knowledge through this blog to anyone that may find it useful.


A bit about Jason Yeo.

I currently work for Nutanix, based in Singapore as the Consulting Services leader covering the Asia Pacific and Japan region. My job focuses on leading the team of consultants that delivers implementations, from fundamental Nutanix cluster deployment, all the way up the stack. The final outcome can be a Virtual Desktop Environment, Private or Hybrid Cloud environment and everything in between.

More at my linkedin profile.

This is a personal blog, and all views and comments are mine. The ideas and comments in this blog are not official guidances.

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